The Werewolf’s Best Mate

When she gets a dream internship at Robinson & Co Law, Elena Rodriguez knows she’s hit jackpot. Even better, the firm’s head office is in her hometown. But perfection doesn’t last: soon her colleague has turned stalker, and trying to get out of trouble as diplomatically as possible lands her in the arms of an unexpected saviour.

Simon Black is perfect for her, has been perfect since they met as toddlers, really. But he’s also completely out of her league, not even because he’s drop dead gorgeous, but because, like every werewolf, he will recognize his destined soul mate on sight.

Simon’s never felt as close to anybody as he does to Elena, but knowing his mate is out there, he can’t bring himself to risk their friendship -or worse, her heart- for a relationship that can’t last. But when they have to pretend to date to smooth things over with Elena’s boss, he’s not sure his own heart will make it through.

Can the lie bring out the truths they have been hiding for so long, or is fate too strong to fight?

The Werewolf’s Best Mate is possibly the most traditional thing I have written since I was fifteen and wrote an epic about a prince and princess who had an arranged marriage. It was great! As I remember it, and my father cruelly killed our computer before any type of backups existed (Technically I could have emailed it to myself, but that was about it). Put me off writing for a while, which I’m sure was a terrible loss.

Thing is, I find it hard to believe in heterosexual couples. It’s hard to get over homophobia and class difference and cultural diversity and a million other things, but I personally find it hard to truly believe in getting over the immense differences society imposes on people who look like men and people who look like women. It’s a damn big gap to cross and the bridges are flimsy. The same can be said of all the others, I know, I’m not blind to it, theoretically. But telling stories requires a lot of faith and I have no trouble believing in werewolves but I find the notion of a balanced relationship between a lady and a gentleman hard to swallow.

But I like things difficult, The Werewolf’s Best Mate was my way of challenging myself to do something I found hard. It was strange and different, even though in many ways I used to read this story every day (the amount of shoujo manga alone…) and love it. And it helped a little, to write this, to find a way for these imaginary people to be happy with each other, to connect and understand and protect and save each other.

There’s a lot of need for diversity in fiction, I feel, but one of the ways in which things need to change is this: it should be possible for people to love each other despite their different gender identities, despite the impositions and responsibilities and expectations the world has of them. I hope Elena and Simon kind of manage that, and that it was a fun ride for you.