Fiction by A.J. Naiman

I have always loved stories and when I was a little kid, I wrote and illustrated my own (I can’t remember what they were about except that girls were main characters and there were often twin brothers and superpowers and crossdressing to pass as a boy). When we got our first computer, I started writing that way and by twelve I was printing my friends sections of my novel and passing it around. They were awesome about it, as was my teacher. I think I was fifteen when my father managed to break our home computer and delete my latest masterpiece (a 15,000 words story about an arranged marriage between a princess and a prince of enemy kingdoms). Sadly, there was no cloud in those days and I had not learned about backuping so I ended up so depressed I gave up writing (then Amelia Atwater Rhodes totally stole my idea and became super famous, but since I discovered she wrote a f/f story into her universe I’m willing to overlook it ;p). I had a LOT to read, anyway, and watch, of course, but even when I watched I was reading because everything that could be subtitled, I got subtitled (I’m not sure if I always saw the words people spoke, but I do now).

And then in my last year of high school, I fell in love and –although the romance was convoluted, partly because it tends to be when you are a teenager, partly because my paramour wasn’t really committed to dating a girl–, I had someone to read what I wrote. It made a world of difference and so I wrote a bunch of short stories and poems, and started a ginormous novel rather reminiscent of Harry Potter that I never finished (but, having discovered mediafire, still have bits and pieces of).

It’s taken me a long time to get here, to the point where I can sit down and write something when I have an idea, and it’s still hard for me to finish those somethings. But it makes the world light up, sometimes even more than reading does, and that’s something that I thought impossible. Hopefully I can make your world a little brighter, too. If you have any feedback (positive or negative) I’d love to hear from you!

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