“From Far Away To Very Close” (Invincible girls, book 2)

cover for FROM FAR AWAYdw

It’s been such a long time since I started writing Seda’s story (more than a year!) that I no longer remember why I thought it needed writing. Maybe because Invictus was all about how brave Shla was in dealing with the blow fate deals her and Seda is just this super supportive and (I hope) charming stranger who brings Shla back from the land of ‘I cannot be helped’, and Seda is, obviously, not an angel in disguise. So I wanted to know what was going through her head, what her experience of Shla’s disability was, and how someone on the outside would struggle with seeing someone they like in pain and with the idea of getting close to someone in pain despite that. I also wanted to look under the instinctive understanding they reach about being different to most people because of their race and being made feel that way.

Anyway, here’s “From Far Away To Very Close”, which ended up being half about Seda’s own journey as teenage immigrant, half about her romantic mis/adventures with Shla. About fair, I’d say.

Available now on Amazon.

Or you can pre-order on Smashwords with this coupon (ZN55L).

Hope you like it! And whether you do or not I’d love to hear about it.



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