The Werewolf’s Best Mate

UNGGfU0MHrqKSx1T1Of70tanyPjEhMZ_t8k2N3NlpGoComing soon!


A werewolf mechanic afraid of love + a tough BBW lawyer + best friends since childhood + secret pining = an (im)possible love story.

When she gets a dream intership at Robinson Law, Elena knows she’s hit the jackpot. Even better, the firm’s head office is in her very own hometown so after years of endless commute to see her family, she’s back home.

But perfection doesn’t last. Soon she’s in hot water at work, and trying to get out of trouble as diplomatically as possible lands her in the arms of an unexpected saviour.

Simon is perfect for her, has been perfect since they met as toddlers, really. And he’s also completely out of her league, not even because he’s drop dead gorgeous, but because he has a destined soul mate he will recognize on sight.

Simon’s never felt as close to anybody as he does to Elena, but knowing his mate is out there, he can’t bring himself to risk their friendship, and, even worse, her heart for a relationship that couldn’t last. But when they have to pretend to date to keep Elena’s job safe, he’s not sure his own heart will make it through.

Can the lie bring out the truths they have been hiding for so long, or is fate too strong to fight?

A standalone interracial werewolf romance.


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