“Invictus” succeeds!

invictus cover2

Perhaps it’s the optimistic title, I don’t know, but “Invictus” (my story about a professional teen athlete who suffers an accident that leaves her out of the running, but who refuses to give up) has been doing better than any other book I have published. It’s my favourite so far so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. It might also be that girl/girl romances with protagonists of colour and disabilities as a focus are so rare that everybody who likes to read that kind of thing simply has little choice. (I’ve not found any others, sadly, but would welcome recs if you know of any.) Because I’m an equalist that way and there’s two girls in the story, I thought I could write a little drabble about Seda, who has a pretty interesting story of her own, what with being a first generation immigrant and dealing with all that implies at a very young age. I miscalculated wildly, of course, and I’m now up to 7k and nowhere near the end.


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